Turning into a Tico, hardly. Turning into a Yank, quite possibly…

So after a crazy weekend of drinking, culture and probably the whole of the Costa Rican Peace Corp, I am back in Copey. Back to what now seems like normality. So in Copey, there four of us volunteers, two from the Peace Corp, Rebecca and Angela, and two English teachers, Hayley and I; this weekend we all had our fair share of fun. On Friday, after a stressful day I headed to Rebecca’s house for dinner. The foodie that she is, whipped Hayley and I up a simple but delicious pasta with good-for-you chocolate bran cookies as dessert. After a few glasses of wine, which I may add, went to my head very quickly, a good catch up and an episode of the Simpsons do England, I headed home. It was just what I needed, I slept like a baby. 
On Saturday morning I woke up full of energy and looking forward to the weekend.  After waving good bye to my host brother Jose, who was heading off to university in San Jose for the first time (tear), Hayley and I headed to the Santa Maria town fair. We arrived at about 1.00pm, before things had really kicked off, but were kept occupied by looking around the few stalls that were there and waiting an hour for two beers and a portion of chips (no joke). In the bar, we met the new Copey state school English teacher, who ended up offering us paid work in his classes. BONUS!!!
The fair officially got underway about 3:00pm when the parade started, I couldn’t wait to see it. However my interest was soon lost as I discovered that all it actually consisted of was three and a half hours of horses parading through the streets of Santa Maria. These horses were not show horses, nor were they pretty or done up, but were solely taken from peoples stables and ridden down the street by their owners who were dressed in cowboy clothing. It was not what I would call authentic or interesting. However, after a few beers we soon got in the spirit and enjoyed the sun. 
 Sunday was of course, as every American around the world knows, Superbowl Sunday. My friend Rachael and I met up in San Jose (central ground) for a bit of a catch up and as the game was on, decided to join the rest of the American population in San Jose and head to Hooters. Upstairs in Hooters were Rebecca and Angela with pretty much most of the Peace Corp volunteers in Costa Rica. Squeezed into this small room were about 80 people. Jugs of beer, chicken wings and baseball caps were rife. I don’t think we could have chosen to do anything more American if we tried. Jose came to join us for the game, he didn’t really know anyone in San Jose yet and we said we would show him around, fancy that, I’ve only been there a few times myself.  With Rachael a Packers fan I got roped into supporting the ‘green and yellows’; this actually worked out well as they were the same colours as the Oregon Ducks, my old team. True to nature, my team won and as some Stealers fans had made bets with us, Rachel and I got brought a round of drinks. WOOHOO!!! The other highlight of the night was my ability to persuade many of the volunteers that I was also in the Peace Corp, that they had expanded on a trail to the UK and I was the first Brit to be allowed in. With the amount of beer I had I’m not sure how I managed to pull it off and remember the lingo, but somehow it worked. Not looking forward to my next meeting with them though….Haha!
Looking back at the weekend, I am disappointed to think that after four years of university my drinking skills have started finally failing me, I am officially knackered and it didn’t take me much to send me on my way to being very merry each day. I think though, as I won’t be going out very often, that will become a constant re-occurrence in Costa Rica. Cheap nights out here I come!!!

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